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Guard Card,Pepper Spray, Report Writing I & II and Conflict Resoluton Certification Courses now available! Certificates will be emailed upon passing
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Licensed California Security Guard registration, known simply as a "guard-card", can be done through VIP PROTECTIVE SERVICES online training platform. VIP Protective Services will function as a"training entity" for you and NOT as an employer. You DO NOT need to seek employment with VIP Protective Services. Also, you DO NOT need to reside in the San Francisco, CA Bay Area in order to use this training program to obtain or maintain a guard-card. Guard Card training program is only for California residents.

To work as a security officer in California you must have a Guard Card and below are the steps required to obtain one. Getting a training certificate is "Step One" . This is done by taking an 8 Hour Guard Card (Powers to Arrest) Course. You can take our online course from this training site for $59.95 and we will email you a secure certificate which will take care of "Step One". You can then move on to "Step Two" & "Step Three" to complete the process.

Online Guard Card Training

Take our CA BSIS 8 Hour Guard Card(Powers to Arrest) Course online to receive your training certificate.

  • Register by typing in your email, choose your course and our system will automatically send you a User ID & Activation code.
  • Once you have the User ID, log in to this site.
  • You will be asked to provide additional information and proceed with PayPal payment of $59.95 under "My Transactions".
  • Log in again using your User ID & you will see the course ready to start.
  • Take the online course and complete the final exam.
  • State requires that you score 100% on the final exam.
  • Certificate will be emailed to you once you´ve completed the course and passed the final exam.

Fingerprinting (Live Scan):

Visit an official Live Scan location to get fingerprinted. LiveScan Fees :$51 (FBI & DOJ) plus facility service fee.


State Application for Security Guard:

Submit Guard Card Application to the BSIS online or by mail. Fees: $51 (online), $50 (mail)

Use the information from your certificate when filling out the online application.

VIP Protective Services 3150 Hilltop Mall Road, Suite 54 Richmond, CA 94806 (800)564-3068 x4(Training extension) PPO 15699


General questions about Security Guards :
Regarding Peace Officers :

Once the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) has received your security guard application (by mail or online), and your criminal background check has cleared, your name will appear on the Bureau's Web site. After completing all 3 steps above, it can take at least 10 days before your name will appear on the BSIS site. Anyone can verify your security guard registration aka "Guard Card" by checking the BSIS "Verify a Licensed" page at While you wait approximately 10 to 15 business days to receive the actual security guard registration by mail, you can make a print out of your BSIS online verification page and use it as an interim security guard registration, so that you can start working as a security officer. Be sure to carry it at all times while on duty.


*Having a felony or misdemeanor conviction does not automatically disqualify someone from applying  for security guard registration with the State. The State will consider your circumstances and "evidence of rehabilitation". It is very important to be absolutely truthful on your State application. They are mainly checking ,of course, to see if you have criminal convictions. However, some convictions may not automatically disqualify you from being issued a guard-card. As long as you are truthful the State will review your circumstances and may grant you your guard-card. Just as an example, someone with a misdemeanor assault conviction may still be issued a guard-card, it only restricts them from carrying weapons.


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